Team Liquid Are the Best Dota 2 Team of 2020 According to ESL Ranking

Team Liquid Are the Best Dota 2 Team of 2020 According to ESL Ranking

Team Liquid Are the Best Team of 2020 According to ESL Ranking

ESL have published the final world ranking for 2020 – according to it, this year’s best teams are Team Liquid (659 points), (645 points) and Natus Vincere (631 points).

Team Liquid managed to make it through 2020 without a single roster change – more so, the current Liquid players have been together since the summer of 2018, initially representing Alliance. This year the team managed to win only one event – ESL One Germany 2020, however performed well at multiple other tournaments, including their 2nd places at OGA Dota Pit 1 with DOTA Summit 13, as well as the 3rd places at WePlay! Pushka League 1 Division 1 and BEYOND EPIC.

For almost half a year, had been hosting two Dota 2 rosters – however this fall the organization disbanded their previous main roster and promoted the second one, called VP.Prodigy. While still being the youth squad, VP.P players managed to place second at WePlay! Pushla League 1: Division 1 as well as emerged victorious at EPIC Prime League 1. After the promotion, the players managed to win EPIC League Division 1 and placed 5-6th at OGA Dota Pit 4.

Similarly to, Natus Vincere also disbanded their previous roster this fall and signed FlyToMoon players. Right after joining the organization, the players managed to place second at ESL One Germany 2020, while earlier they won OGA Dota Pit 4.

Surprisingly enough Team Secret, who had been on a 9-months, 8-events winning streak from May to September, are currently ranked #5. There are only two teams in the top-10 list, who are playing outside the EU/CIS region – they are PSG.LGD and Elephant, both from China. The list looks as follows:

Place Points Team
1 659 Team Liquid
2 645
3 631 Natus Vincere
4 626 OG
5 607 Team Secret
6 505
7 402 Alliance
8 361 PSG.LGD
9 345 Team Nigma
10 250 Elephant

It should be noted that this year we have seen only a few international Dota 2 events, all of them in the first quarter. This makes it significantly harder to evaluate a team’s strength on a global scale.

Earlier we reported that Dallas Empire, Team Liquid and San Francisco Shock managed to win the highest amount of prize money in 2020.