In the NHL Draft Lafreniere Becomes the Number One of NYR

In the NHL Draft Lafreniere Becomes the Number One of NYR

During the National Hockey League draft, a striker named Alexis Lafreniere was selected as a number one by the "New York Rangers." Such a choice will probably have an excellent effect on the team's overall performance as a whole.

Past merits of a hockey player

Speaking with the club "Rimouski" last season, this scorer managed to take first place in the list of the best of its kind, according to QMJHL. In total, he brought the team 112 points (35 + 77), and his usefulness index was "+41". A total of 52 matches were taken into account.

January of this year was also quite productive for Alexis, as he managed to take gold at the World Cup - 2020, playing for the Canadian team. He was also was noted as the most valuable player of the tournament.

More about the draft

For the first time in NHL history, the draft is held remotely. The first round of it took place on October 6. And the second - seventh rounds will take place on October 7. The beginning of this action marked the end of the Stanley Cup series.

An interesting fact about the scorer

Interestingly, this time Lafranier will not be able to take his favorite number. He has traditionally performed with number "11" since he was born on October 11, 2001. But, this time, he got into a team where this number cannot be used, as it has been forever reserved for Marc Messier since 2006.