Dominik Tim lost to Diego Schwarzman Аfter Five Sets

Dominik Tim lost to Diego Schwarzman Аfter Five Sets

The Grand Slam tournament will get an Argentinean named Diego Schwarzman in its semifinals for the first time. The French Open tennis championship has perhaps never seen such an intense battle. However, let's take a closer look.

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In one-fourth of the Grand Slam Cup final, two true racket masters came together - a native of Argentina, Diego Schwartzman, and an Austrian, Dominik Thijm. By the way, the latter became the winner of the US Open in 2020, which, it would seem should not have added initiative and hope to the Argentine.

A total of five sets were played between the players. The last game included three sets, and the total meeting time took 5 hours 10 minutes. According to the ATP rankings, Schwarzman managed to secure his place in the top ten players with his excellent performance.


Thus, to eventually reach the final, Diego Schwarzman and the winner of the upcoming match between Italian Yannick Sinner and Spaniard Rafael Nadal - will fight between themselves.

On the same day, October 6, Argentine tennis players managed to win another vital victory. In one-fourth of the same tournament finals, tennis player Nadia Podoroska managed to inflict a crushing defeat to her opponent from Ukraine, named Evelina Svitolina. At the end, the score ultimately goes to devastating numbers (6:4, 6:2).