CDEC Gaming Win OGA Dota PIT Season 2: China

CDEC Gaming Win OGA Dota PIT Season 2: China

CDEC Gaming Win OGA Dota PIT Season 2: China

CDEC Gaming have emerged victorious in the Chinese division of OGA Dota PIT Season 2, claiming $37,500 in prize money. In the tournament’s grand finals they outplayed Vici Gaming, who received $19,500. For CDEC Gaming, this is the first big victory this year.

Both finalists advanced to the playoffs from Group A, where they finished with the 1-2 score. In the first playoffs series Vici Gaming outplayed Team Aster (2-1) and EHOME (2-0), while CDEC Gaming defeated Royal Never Give Up (2-0) and Invictus Gaming (2-0). After losing to Vici (1-2) in the upper bracket final, CDEC Gaming once again managed to beat RNG with the 2-0 score in the lower bracket finals. The grand finals concluded with the 3-2 score in their favour.

OGA Dota PIT Season 2: China was played on July 1st – 10th, featuring eight teams competing for a $90,000 prize pool. The event will also be held in North America and Europe, with eight teams competing in each of the regions. The American division will be played on July 16th – 21st, its prize pool is set at $25,000. The European division is scheduled for July 27th – 30th and will feature a $170,000 prize pool.

Group Stage:

Group A Group B
1. EHOME 3-0 6-1 1. Invictus Gaming 3-0 6-2
2. Vici Gaming 1-2 3-4 2. Royal Never Give Up 2-1 5-2
3. CDEC Gaming 1-2 4-5 3. Team Aster 1-2 2-4
4. PSG.LGD 1-2 2-5 4. Sparking Arrow Gaming 0-3 1-6

Playoffs Bracket:

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Tournament Results:

Place $ USD Team
1 $37,500  
2 $19,500  
3 $10,500 Royal Never Give Up
4 $7,500 Invictus Gaming
5-6 $4,500 Team Aster, EHOME
7-8 $3,000 PSG.LGD, Sparking Arrow Gaming